My paintings are made on wood, using egg tempera and pure gold leaf. This is an ancient painting technique rich in philosophical and theological significance.
Used for hundreds of years for the creation of sacred icons, it is a slow painting process, which requires patience, perseverance and calmness.
At one time, icon painting was considered a spiritual practice alongside: fasting, contemplation, prayer and silence. All these precious and profound disciplines, allow the correct detachment from materiality and at a glance albeit fleeting, at the true essence of things.
From this point of view, my painting is like a meditative action, which slowly but progressively leads me to see reality as an interconnected and constantly changing unity. Looking at one of my paintings, I want the viewer to perceive the invisible energy beyond the represented form.
The energy that surrounds us, in the hidden strength of a seed, in the beauty of a tiny insect, in the "the love that moves the sun and the stars ".